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The internet revolutionized the way businesses find and engage with customers. Todayʼs customers connect to the world with technology. Businesses that donʼt use technology to engage customers are doomed. Itʼs that simple. The problem is, there are a bewildering number of ways to use technology to market your business.
That can make it hard to determine what is the best way to find and connect with customers who need what you do. Just managing your social media account can be a full-time job, never mind email campaigns and other modern marketing tactics.

Thatʼs the power of Brand4Market. We do the heavy lifting… the hard thinking, so you can focus on your customers the way you want too. You can count on us.

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As a local business owner, you are acutely aware of your customer sales cycle and seasonal trends. The need to have your brand top-of-mind is universal for businesses like yours. You need to reach your local community! More than a do-it-yourself email marketing tool, Brand4Market is the ultimate Local Business ‘Done-For-You’ Digital Service!

We provide high-quality, agency-style services at a fraction of the cost. Our marketing techniques are proven to get results! This simple, yet powerful plan transcends your current marketing efforts, and connects to customers you didnʼt even know you had. More importantly, Brand4Market is not a one-size-fits-all scheme. Every business receives tailored, customized marketing activities designed to dovetail with your business plan, marketing segment, and your own unique customers. No two versions of a Brand4Market marketing plan will ever look the same.

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We are fully dedicated to our clients. When you buy a marketing package with Brand4Market, you’re getting a team with decades of professional experience.

‟WOW! This is the Best Marketing Service I have ever tried.”

‟WOW! I don’t really know what else to say. Wendy really know her stuff. I was very impressed. She thought of everything and some technologies I didn’t even know existed. Thank you so much!”
– BH – Perfectly Formed Websites

With every Package, the following are included as part of your pain-free marketing!

• Marketing*
• Design*
• Copywriting*
• Royalty-Free photos and illustrations**
• Business email list***
• Consumer email list***

*Template-based marketing, design, and copywriting services are included within the system.
**Royalty-Free photos and illustrations are used as part of your project, but are not automatically available for unlimited distribution or use beyond the scope of your project. Contact our office for extended use licensing.
***Monthly campaign results will include list names and email addresses of those recipients who clicked a link, opened your campaign, or subscribed via your landing page form. You will not receive the entire list. It is highly recommended that you also supply your own list (of opted-in customers/prospects) for inclusion.

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